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Christine Evangelista as Jenna Hughes
Inbar Lavi as Lillith trog
Sofia Pernas as Mira Antonova
Adrian R'Mante as Storm Johnson
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Reviewed by Michael Ledo 5 / 10

Leave no man behind

"Gates to Hell: Underground" is the German release of "Underground." The film opens with a failed "search and destroy lock and load" operation against mole men. Two years later a rave is being held on top of that underground facility. After a fight and a chase we find eight (?) young adults trapped in said facility with the expected meet up of the ugly guy with bad teeth on the cover.

The production didn't shy away from overly impossible graphic scenes, some are mini plot spoilers on the German cover. The generator started up after sitting there for two years, a tribute to Woody Allen's VW scene in "Sleeper" no doubt. Our group of young adults were armed with sticks and knives, certainly superior weapons to the M-14's carried by the sissy army who couldn't kill them. However, our heroes had trouble subduing an octogenarian in a wheel chair with an IV and an eye patch.(Hint: Go in from his blind side.) The film is shot mostly in a dimly lit area with a greenish glow...like the cover.

The production is a straight forward hunt and kill film. No twist. Even when they discovered what the creatures were, it felt like a Scooby-doo moment. Gee, who would ever have thought of that.

Guide: F-word. Sex, No nudity

Reviewed by regkeane 1 / 10

Terrible acting.

The acting in this is dreadful. The story is a big cliché. Nothing new or original. The actor playing Storm Johnson is by far the worst. He starts the film with a Stetson (cowboy hat) (Who goes to a rave in a Stetson? Cringy.) and his acting is way over the top. I'm guessing he went way over the top because he didn't feel comfortable in the role. A person of Arabic ethnicity playing a cowboy? I just counldn't get comfortable with that. They should have picked someone with the right ethnicity or changed the role to suite him. I'm guessing pc had some part in casting for this movie. Also the way over the top macho behavior is really offputing too. Again cringy. I am aware it is a B movie and the actors aren't going to be brilliant but it is hard to like a film where the actors are so bad in so many ways.

Reviewed by djangozelf-12351 5 / 10

A real split in middle movie,some good aspects some not so good.

First of ...as a whole it kind of sucked but if you take it apart there are definitely some good examples were other directors could take notes and learn something from this movie.

Yes it has clichés but for half the movie it also breaks them and for me that really adds value to this horror flick.

Some things I really liked was that at a point they decided to stick together cause very often in other horrors they decide to split up to cover more ground and end up getting offed one by one.

Also one more than one occasion they still go after there friends in an attempt to save them in stead of going"well he or she is done for so F 'm".

Than there is also an explanation to how these creatures came to be and thats one of the scenes I will remember cause it looked really sick.

The setting was really good and despite the low light it had a real creepy atmosphere and made me think of the hellish look in "hell raiser"some times.

What bordered me most were the lot of inconsistencies this movie had and that were the parts that were kind of hard to swallow.

Especially the fact that a whole squadron got offed so easy and than some kids that just came from a rave can put up a better fight seems very far-fetched and also the strengths of the creatures seems to vary thru out the picture.

Thus I come to the conclusion that I made in the summary.

Its not a waste of time but its good to be cautious.

I hope this helps.

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