The 25th Reich


Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fluffyducksflybackwards 3 / 10

This film has all the right ingredients but . . .

On face value, this film has all the right ingredients to qualify as a SCI-FI classic - Nazis, disgruntled US soldiers, spaceships, the Australian outback, mild sexual innuendo, time travel, a potential US presidential candidate and so much more. But, as any fan of "Celebrity Bake-Off" will tell you, having the right ingredients does not mean that you will end up with a good result.

I wish I could say that I enjoyed this film. But that would be stretching the concept of enjoyment a bit too far.

Will I watch it again? Doubtful.

Would I watch the sequel? Sadly, yes (if they decide to make one).

This is probably one of those films to see before you die, but not a film to die for.

Reviewed by awkebit 10 / 10

Just buy and enjoy!

People who are complaining about this movies just don't understand that is meant to be this way. The movie is one of the most horrible movies i've ever seen ( and i have seen "Age of the Hobbits" ) but it has his charme when you see an giant Nazi spider crawling over the mountain. Also the acting and sudden plot twist are an pleasure to watch and will shock you! ( i hope )

On the other hand their are some scene's where the filter is just not correct. I looks like the cameramen had used too much purple filters. Also the movie is an slow starter but when the nazi's arrive the tempo will go up. All with All i enjoyed watching it and i really hope they will bring out an new one with an bigger budget.

My advise! Get some friends together, buy lots of beer and have an great evening.

Reviewed by one-nine-eighty 3 / 10

Time travelling Nazi prevention in Australia

If you've never seen an American soldier (turned Nazi convert, turned 10ft mechanoid spider killing machine) rape his commanding officer this film is for you. The premise of this film is that during the second world war an American covert ops team are sent to Australia with a special machine which would help the war effort. The machine would attack pumas so that the Americans could kill them. Upon activating the machine something goes wrong and all the soldiers are rendered unconscious. So far within the film we have been introduced to an actor who is troupe captain, he's escorting a commander, a stereotypical American jew, an Italian-New Jersey greaseball, and a Texan gun loving hick. The major they are transporting resembles one of the consoles in Dr Who's TARDIS. Upon regaining consciousness they are being attacked by what we later learn are primordial pumas because as it turns out the machine is a time machine, they've travelled back in time 50,000 years to stop Hitler, in Australia still remember!! The commanding officer turns out to be super undercover and his real mission is to recover a flying saucer which had been found during the war but according to scientists had been broken for 50,000 years, the console ' time machine ' was all that could be recovered from the UFO in the present. After sustaining casualties during a giant mosquito attack while the others are distracted the actor somehow opens the spaceship by touching glowing pagan style stones left by aliens. The super undercover commander manages to get on board the spaceship and flies off, back to the future. The remaining soldiers discover that instead of being a super undercover commander the commander is in fact a luftwaffe Nazi medal winner, instead of preventing Hitler's rise to power the aim all along was to help it. Using the machine the actor captain manages to make the machine and them forward in time to 2243 where the Nazi's, who are 10ft tall spider mechaniod killer robots rule. Three of the remaining time travellers come to the decision to take the fight to the Nazi's when the best part of the film unfolded.... The credits, thank Jeebus this is over!!

The CGI/animation in this film is so cheap and low budget that is laughable, I was almost embarrassed for the film. The pumas looked hand drawn by a child and the future Nazi stronghold looked like it had been pinched from a command and conquer game from the PC in the early 90's. This film was supposed to be based on a book, I found myself wondering if the book was as bad. The film finished on a cliff hanger introducing a potential sequel, believe me, I won't be rushing out to watch that. I managed to watch this to the end because at times there was promise but this promise was never realised, characters developed a little but not enough for me to want to care about them, in this film or the sequel. I know this was supposed to be low budget and indie but for me it was wide of the mark to make it a cult movie, give me "Iron Sky" or "Dead Snow" any time.

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