Paradise Alley


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 43%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 4339


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Sylvester Stallone as Cosmo Carboni
Anne Archer as Annie
Armand Assante as Lenny Carboni
Tom Waits as Mumbles
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10

Carboni Family Values

Sylvester Stallone directed and produced as well as starred in Paradise Alley about three brothers named Carboni. Sly is a gladhanding con man of the first order. He might even have conned a 4F for himself to get out military service in World War II. Flat feet was a mighty subjective deferment back in the day.

Brother Armand Assante served however and now walk with a limp and is a bitter man now working as an undertaker. The youngest is a giant of a man Lee Canalito who works as an iceman. Carrying those blocks of ice up several tenement stories in Hell's Kitchen will develop your biceps.

When at Paradise Alley which is a local underground nightclub/sports arena Canalito wins an arm wrestling match with a local wrestler managed by the club owner Kevin Conway. It occurs first to Stallone that Canalito's physique and Rocky like training and dedication might be a way out of Hell's Kitchen. It starts to look that way, but the brothers themselves change in interesting ways.

I have to single out Frank McRae former football player who delivers a memorable performance as a down and out wrestler who lives on Conway's pocket change. His last scene with Stallone is memorable.

So is Conway. He's one nasty little customer, constantly using derogatory ethnic terms. Stallone made a very good point about the ethnic rivalries in working class neighborhoods like Hell's Kitchen. In the end Canalito embarrasses Conway, humiliates him more likely in a way that he will never be an intimidating figure again.

Paradise Alley might not have gathered the enduring following that Rocky did. But it is still a fine and enduring film.

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 10 / 10

40's Rocky

Just found this film today and saw it for the first time huge Stallone fan and as i expected it the movie was awesome both sad and funny. I liked Cosmo (Stallone) but i think he tried to get advantage of others in order to make money but as the film reaches it's big finale this is were he realises Family is more important than all the money of the world also Armand Assante's role was pretty good also the younger brother who is the fighter was also pretty good on his role. Terry Funk WWE Legend also has a small role here and he is pretty cool. The film is directed by Sylvester Stallone and it reminds me a lot of Rocky but instead of Boxing there is Wrestling in it. If you love Stallone movies you definitely need to see this!!!

Reviewed by Desertman84 7 / 10

Stallone's Directorial Debut

Paradise Alley is a film about three brothers in Hell's Kitchen, New York City that become involved in professional wrestling during the 1940's.It stars Sylvester Stallone,who also acted as screenwriter and director of the film.

Cosmo Carboni and his brothers Lenny and Victor reside in the poor section of Hell's Kitchen. Cosmo is determined to get out of their depressing situation.When he discovers an illegal wrestling match,he realizes that Victor could beat the champion and gets motivated when he sees lots of money being passed around.Later,Cosmo's brother joins in by acting as the manager.When pressure builds and the stakes grow higher especially when the mob gets involved,it becomes apparent that Victor must fight for his life.

It was Stallone's directorial debut.It was an enjoyable and entertaining dated film from the 70's.Some parts become unintentionally funny.Obviously, it was also predictable and clich├ęd in the end.But one thing that stands out is the theme of brotherhood especially when the relationship of the three brothers remain a focal point of the story.That alone makes it better than an average film.

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