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Richard O'Brien as John Dee
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by torrascotia 1 / 10

A real chore to sit through.

I would struggle to class this as an actual movie. It appears to something more like an art-school project gone wrong, made by a bunch of friends who had lots of ideas about what they felt might be cool to see, but no way of turning this into a coherent plot. These scenes include girls boxing(badly), punks killing policemen, punks trying to pull the doors off a car (and failing), random murders, a bingo hall being shot up, some of the worst sex scenes since The Room and lots of bizarre poetical ramblings while someone dressed as a Queen tries to look interesting. The blurb suggests this about a Queen travelling into the future to see what has became of England. Although on viewing, there is very little of the Queen throughout the movie and she seems to have zero interaction with the main protagonists. The problem with this seems to be that she is superfluous to the story and really should have been edited out, as this film is far too long for what it contains. The main reason people may have an interest in this movie is the fact it has a few faces from the punk scene like Adam Ant and a harder to recognise Toyah Wilcox. Neither put in a good performance however they are very young in this movie and cant really pull off a convincing performance. Overall, the acting is this movie is terrible. It seems to consist of actors (unsure how many were actually actors?) either being overly aggressive or bursting into hysterical laughter for unknowable reasons. The musical scenes are instantly forgettable and do not seem to have any relevance to the plot. The only part of the movie which has anything like a plot comes towards the the end when the punks seek retribution on the police for a wrong doing. The violence and gore in the movie is mainly pointless and not convincing. The movie tries to shock but fails miserably. There really isn't much to recommend this, its not even in the so bad its good category. Its long, boring and pretentious and very surprising it has such a high rating.

Reviewed by Frog-Legs 1 / 10

A Waste Of Time

Unfortunately our time on earth is limited and the amount of it that you might spend watching this pointless drivel will never be returned to you. I gave it a half hour of my life-span and decided it was quite enough.

Take it from me, I've seen my share of art-house films or grade-Z exploitation flicks. This was just complete garbage

Reviewed by zetes 9 / 10

See it on the new Criterion disc

Difficult to describe, but amazing as hell. Derek Jarman examines the punk aesthetic, with a framing device that Queen Elizabeth I has asked her court magician to show her England's future. And I doubt she likes what she sees, a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The prophecy follows a group of punks who rebel and murder pretty much randomly. The film's likely to disgust many; it lives in much the same world as Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, and, just like that film, we are expected both to revile and have fun with the horrors that are perpetrated on screen. Criticism has been all over on this film, but it's mostly been negative, with a few cultists embracing it. This is the kind of film that I can really love, as I am a kind of pseudo-revolutionary myself. I enjoy observing rebellion in all of its forms, anyway, and I like to think I would like to somehow take part in it. Yes, that could be considered pretentious, but that especially fits in with this film. Jarman was never of like mind with the movement he was depicting, and he himself is emulating what he perceives as punk. And he's partly horrified at what he's observing. I loved watching this movie, in all its simultaneous beauty and ugliness. The documentary included on the Criterion disc, Jubilee: A Time Less Golden, convinced me that the film wasn't only impressive on a primal level. It's one of the best of this kind of documentaries, in that it doesn't at all slavishly tell us how great Jarman or Jubilee is. Instead, it clearly outlines all the contradictions of the artist and the film. Strangely enough, it helps solidify the importance and greatness of the film, while pretty much quashing the many criticisms that have been leveled at it throughout the years. The review of the film at DVD Verdict (www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/jubilee.shtml) was also a big help. Jubilee is definitely a must-see, an outrageous and remarkable cinematic experience. 9/10.

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