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Harrison Ford as Branch Rickey
Chadwick Boseman as Jackie Robinson
Lucas Black as Pee Wee Reese
Alan Tudyk as Ben Chapman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 10 / 10

You're medicine Jack

"Break an unwritten law and you will be an out cast."

Facing an uphill battle Branch Ricky (Harrison Ford) finds the right African-American ballplayer to break the color barrier in baseball. Rickey's reasons are diverse being both altruistic, having a sense of justice, old guilty feelings, and the desire to win and make money. Chadwick Boseman portrays the Jackie Robinson of legend, an overly talented, silent, and classy individual. While the film is about him, it shows things that go on behind the scenes.

The film starts with a quick background and goes into Jackie's minor league trials and tribulations on and off the field. Ricky supported Robinson off the field anyway he could, but on the field Jackie was alone. It shows the break through of his teammates to overcome the prejudicial urges they grew up with. Minds winning over emotions to do what was right.

Don't get me wrong, it shows whites behaving badly and makes Philadelphia look bad. It gives us a glimpse of the ugly side of baseball, one we really don't want to see. In spite of the heavy and historical use of the N-word, it is a film that makes audiences stand up and applaud.

What the film doesn't tell you about is all the children that were named Jack or Jackie because of this man.

Parental Guide: No f-bombs, sex, or nudity. Frequent racial slurs.

Reviewed by Clifton Johnson 6 / 10

A better story than a movie

As a family movie about sports, history, and civil rights, this film works. It is hard NOT to be compelling with this story, after all. Almost every single powerful moment or conversation actually happened. Jackie Robinson's journey was indeed epic. But there are some pretty serious flaws too. Flaw 1: Harrison Ford's attempted impersonation of Branch Rickey is super-distracting, especially because the director seems to agree with Ford that this movie is about him. Flaw 2: this feels like a Disney-fied version of history at points...too many touching changes of heart and a hero that feels a bit too perfect. So you end up with a great story and a just ok movie. Too bad, but not bad either.

Reviewed by digitalbeachbum 7 / 10

Not bad but not great

42 is a movie about Jackie Robinson who was the first black MLB player for the Brooklyn Dodgers. It is a solid movie with good acting, direction and script, but not perfect.

Some of the movie is fabricated for dramatic effect but the director was attempting to show the internal strife of the character. It also was attempting to show racism in the deep south at a time when lynching still did happen.

I specifically liked Harrison Ford in this movie who should have gotten an Oscar. He does a fantastic job of Branch Ricky, the manager and owner of the Dodgers.

There are a few scenes which might be traumatic for the little kids in your family. You might want to screen the movie first.

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